Intervention process
"Always remember, the addict's own best thinking created the situation both he and you are enduring. He's the last person who should be consulted about what's best for him!"

About Tim Sweeney

Tim SweeneyI am a Florida-licensed attorney and a Certified Criminal Justice Addictions Professional. I began my personal recovery from alcohol and drugs over 20 years ago, and have worked in the treatment field since 1998.

I have conducted nearly 300 successful interventions around the country, and bring to bear not only the experience of my personal recovery, but also legal tools and clinical skills to optimize intervention outcomes.

I have performed interventions in jails and in courtrooms, and my standing as an officer of the court provides me with access to execute these highly effective interventions.

My experience working with lawyer and medical assistance programs across the country has allowed me to develop personal contacts with dozens of treatment centers, so as to reserve bed space on little or no notice, as well as procure treatment discounts in certain cases.

Halfway Houses

This morning on NPR there was a great interview with John Lehman, President of the Florida Association of Recovery Residences.  Sober homes are in the news lately with the arrests of operators in South Florida.  Lehman, who noted Florida is the destination of choice for recovery in the US, pointed to two strategies implemented over the last several years that led to much of the corruption in the … [Read More...]

Keeping Our Teen Drivers Safe

My little girl is growing up.  Driver’s Ed came much faster than we expected.  With the perils of impaired driving plaguing our country, her Mom and I are so glad we stressed to her the importance of living a healthy life, especially behind the wheel.  So many children her age have tragically already started on the path to addiction.  Add a driver’s license to that and disaster is predictable. … [Read More...]

New HBO Documentary on Alcohol Abuse

Last night, HBO premiered a new documentary on alcohol abuse called “Risky Drinking.”  With all the focus on the opioid epidemic, it’s good to remember that alcoholism remains a huge problem in our country. Almost 70% of Americans drink alcohol, and 25% of American adults engaged in binge drinking in the last month. According to the show, around 7% of adults have an alcohol use … [Read More...]